Non-medical home care aides in the promotion of a person’s independence by providing opportunities for the person to maintain a better quality of life.

Encourage him to do things for himself, even if met with reluctance or stubbornness.

  • Provide opportunities for exercise and activities.
  • Encourage a healthy diet. A healthy lifestyle encourages independence through fighting decline.
  • Support brain health through social interaction and games that stretch the mind.
  • Be patient with the slowness of movements or mental connections, and wait for him to do it or say it himself.

non-medical home care in Fredericksburg VA


Maintenance of independence is making sure the person in your care is given the tools to follow through with her willingness to do something for herself. Examples include:

  • Provide or arrange for transportation for running errands and attending social functions.
  • Assist with home safety adaptations such as bathroom grab bars, hand rails, adequate lighting, home accessibility and furniture placement.
  • Research assistive devices such as medication reminder devices, products to assist with specific disabilities and gadgets to make everyday activities such as opening a jar or holding a utensil easier.
  • Ask for consultation from professionals on medications, resources in the community, and guidance when the future is in question.

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