Independence is an important issue for frail seniors, as personal independence is key to maintaining a certain level of comfort and confidence. Frail seniors living alone or in cities far away from family members may find independence difficult to maintain. February is a month dedicated to bringing these issues to light in National Senior Independence Month. Take the time this month to examine the living circumstances of aging family members and see if they need help achieving the best quality of life possible.




Whether a senior is living at home or in a facility, maintaining a sense of independence is a major consideration when looking to improve quality of life. When providing care for a loved one, it is easy to get into the habit of doing everything FOR the person rather than WITH the person. However, this well-intentioned behavior can actually have a negative influence on the person’s well being. For many reasons, it is important to sustain a feeling of independence in a person receiving care:

  • The person receiving care will appreciate that you are seeing him as an individual still capable of making a contribution to society.
  • It gives the person a sense of achievement.
  • It gives the person a feeling of purpose for life.
  • It makes the person feel that she is not dependent on help from others and can still do something for herself.
  • It fights frustration and feelings of futility, which can cause rebellion or even violence.

Encouraging independence in a senior or disabled person involves two techniques: promotion of independence and maintenance of independence.


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